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  • Wearend will be present at ITSC 2022 in Vienna 4. – 6.5.2022 (link)! Two presenatations will be given by Valmet and IOT:
    • Ville Matikainen*, Juha Lagerbom, Kimmo Kaunisto, Kirsten Bobzin, Wolfgang Wietheger, Elisa Burbaum, Lukas M. Johann, Jean-François Lartigue, Marjaana Karhu. Wear resistant nanocarbide WC-Co-Cr coating by novel powder manufacturing method (link)
    • Bobzin, W. Wietheger, E. Burbaum, L. M. Johann*; M. Karhu, K. Kimmo, J. Lagerbom. Investigation of novel Nano-WC/Co coatings applied by HVAF (link)


  • Master and Mini Theses were completed regardign the Wearend project from the RWTH Aachen


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